Bridesmaid Dresses For Non-Traditional Wedding Gowns

Choosing the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids is difficult enough. If you have chosen a wedding gown that is non-traditional, finding the right dresses for your attendants will be even more challenging. These are some tips on how to pick bridesmaid dresses to coordinate with a unique bridal gown,Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai.

Brides today have more choices than ever when it comes to picking their dream dress. This means that you are seeing gowns that are short, are in a color other than white, or have some unique details. It is fantastic that brides have the freedom to be married in a gown that really suits their personal style, but it can make it a bit more daunting to find bridesmaid dresses to complement the bride.

Let’s start with finding a dress to wear when the bride’s gown is not floor length. Most likely, the wedding itself is less formal when the bride is wearing a shorter gown, which usually translates into a small bridal party. For a fairly casual wedding, usually two or three bridesmaids is plenty. This will make it easier to find a dress that they can all live with.

You never want for anyone at a wedding to be more formal than the bride. This means that if the bride’s gown is not floor length, the attendants should also wear shorter dresses. Knee length is usually a safe length for any figure. Look for bridesmaid dresses that have a similar flavor to the bride’s gown. For instance, if the bride is wearing a 1950s inspired Swiss dot dress with a full skirt, her bridesmaids could wear something in a pale pink organza. For a very informal wedding, you could even consider having your attendants wear dressy knee length silk skirts with pretty tops or twinsets. Simple pearl bridesmaid jewelry would be the ideal finishing touch for a ’50s style bridal party.

Of course, short wedding gowns can also trend more cutting edge and sexy. This gets harder to coordinate with, because you do not want to dress your bridesmaids in anything too sexy, or they might draw attention away from the bride! You will probably want to skip the traditional bridesmaids’ collections and hit up funky boutiques that carry fun party dresses. Your best bet is to choose dresses for your bridesmaids that are in a similar fabric to yours, but in a simpler cut.

Color is a big trend in wedding gowns, and this will need to be taken into account when searching for the bridesmaid dresses to coordinate. Many of the wedding dresses that are in a color still have a fairly classic cut, so there should be no concern that the bridesmaids will upstage the bride. It is more about finding a color that not only coordinates with the bride’s gown, but one that enhances it.

As an example, if the bride has chosen a pale blue satin gown, a deep color like navy or midnight blue would make a great choice for your bridesmaids. Dressing them in another shade of blue will help them to tie in with your gown, and the darker color will help the bride to stand out in the photos. A pretty gift would be a set of bridesmaid jewelry made from crystals in both shades of blue.

You know that you want your wedding to be unique and stylish, and the right bridesmaid dresses will help with that. The perfect bridesmaid dresses will not only look great on your attendants, but will help to enhance the special things about the bride’s gown. This is a tall order, to be sure, but the effect will be well worth it.

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