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The MySpace About Me Survey
Survey by davhill taken 79644 times
-= Tell Us About Yourself =-
How old do you act:
Zodiac Sign:
Current location:
Eye Color:
Hair Color and Length:
Your Heritage:
What’s Your Middle Name:
Shoes You Wore Today:
Your Weakness:
Your Fear:
Have You Ever Ridden A Mechanical Bull:
Do You Want To:
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:
First Thought When You Wake Up:
Best Physical Feature:
Best Character Feature:
Who Is Your Bestest Friend:
When Is Your Bedtime:
Your Most Cherished Memory:
Pepsi or Coke:
McDonalds or Burger King:
Single or Group Dates:
What Is The Last Song You Sang:
Does Playing A Guitar Make A Girl/Guy More Attractive:
What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeves:
Do You Drink:
Ever Been Drunk:
Do You Smoke:
Do You “Smoke”:
Do You Sing:
What Color Underwear Do You Have On:
Do You Want To Go To College:
Have You Ever Been In Love:
Do You Want To Get Married:
Do You Believe In Yourself:
Do You Believe In Others:
Do You Like Thunderstorms:
Do You Play an Instrument:
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up:
What Country Would You Like To Visit:
How Many CD’s Do you Own:
How Many DvD’s Do You Own:
How Many Tattoo’s Do You Have:
How Many Piercings Do You Have:
How Many Things In You Past Do You Regret:
-= Favorites =-
Favorite Shoes:
Favorite Radio Station:
Favorite Drink
Favorite Car:
Favorite Place:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Moment:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Meal:
-= In a Guy/Girl or Man/Woman I Like… =-
Favorite Eye Color:
Favorite Hair Color:
Short Hair or Long Hair:
Body Type:
Does Ethnicity Matter:
-= “Bed Side Manor” =-
Do You Think You Are Attractive:
Are You Attracted To Someone Who Does Not Know It:
Would You Like To Be Someone’s Fantasy:
Hunter or Hunted:
Do You Kiss With Your Eyes Open or Closed:
Ever Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex:
A Little or A Lot Of Tongue:
Older or Younger:
Top or Bottom:
Lights On, Lights Off or Candle Light:
Do You Like To Cuddle After:
Do you Like To Cuddle In General:
Trimmed, Shaved or Let IT Go Wild:
Him / Her First or Second:
Have You Ever Had Bad Sex:
Have You Ever Had Sex With Someone And Regretted It:
Ever Have A 3Some, 4Some or More-Some:
Does Sex = Love To You:
-= Right Now =-
Right Now, What Is Todays Date:
Right Now, What Time Is It:
Right Now, Who Are You Thinking Of:
Right Now, What Are You Listening To:
Right Now, Do You Love Some One:
Right Now, Does Someone Love You:
Right Now, Do You Know Where Your Mechanical Bull Is:
Right Now, Is It Raining:
Right Now, How Many MySpace Friends Do You Have:
Right Now, Are You Happy
-= Right Now, You Are Finish This Survey! =-
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