Simple Surveys - How do Paid Surveys Work?

So you've heard about the great work from home opportunity that we call Paid Surveys. You've searched the web for information but still don't really know how paid surveys work. This quick guide will outline exactly how Paid market research surveys work and how you can make money from the comfort of your home with survey programs.


Step 1 - Joining a Paid Survey program.

Some survey programs are free to join, some may have a membership fee. Survey programs with membership fees are often a kind of aggregator - they allow you to sign up once, and recieve survey offers from a number of different programs that might find your user profile useful. Free programs can also offer many surveys but we have found that some of the programs which require payment to join such as survey-scout, can make you more money in the long run.

Step 2 - Completing your User Profile

On joining a paid survey program, you will no doubt be required to complete your user profile survey straight away. The purpose of this survey (which can often be time-consuming) is to create a profile of you for the survey companies, so that they can target specific surveys to you based on your lifestyle, location, interests and other things that the initial user profile survey will quiz you about. To put it simply, this initial user profile survey tells the companies about you - and lets them know if you are in their target market gfor any paid surveys they may offer.

Step 3 - Taking part in market research surveys!

Now that you're all signed up and have completed your User Profile, the survey program will be able to notify you of surveys that match your profile and you can take. These notifications can come in the form of emails or some programs can even offer phone calls or cell-phone text messages to inform you that a new Survey is available to you. You will most likely be able to take the offered surveys at any time that is convenient to you. Remember, the more different paid survey programs you join, the more opportunities will be available for you to get paid! Don't stick to just one!

Step 4 - Getting Paid!!

The most important step, getting paid for your surveys. This can happen in different ways. Sometimes survey companies will pay you directly with a cheque or paypal payment, every time you complete a paid survey. Some programs will credit your account with dollar values until they reach a threshold, then pay you via cheque or bank deposit. Another popular method of payment is by reward points. Many programs offer an accrual of reward points for each paid survey you complete - which you can spend in their online rewards stores once you have gathered enough points.

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