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If you are in Australia it makes more sense for you to take surveys for the Australian market. The information that companies in Australia can gather from localised paid surveys is much more valuable to them than from international surveys. This means for Australians, Aussie paid survey providers are the best bet! We'll do our best to keep this page updated with information on the best Australian paid online survey providers.


EmailCash - Australia's Leading Paid Survey Provider

Email cash is the big player in Australian online survey programs. You've probably seen their television commercials if you live in Australia. Sure, the guy has an annoying accent but the program is great. They allow you to earn points by all sorts of methods - one of which is by taking online surveys. They offer a lot of different paid surveys and will email you a notification every time a new survey becomes available to you. The emailcash program is free to join! Be rewarded! Join EmailCash today!


Market View- Australian online survey panel

Market view is another free offering from Australia. Join Market View for free and recieve invitations to take part in paid online surveys, straight to your inbox. Market view offers the following:

Online Surveys

An invitation and link to a secure web site will be sent to your email, asking you to take part in paid online surveys. You are paid more for longer surveys!

Group Discussions

Lasting about 15 minutes, a group discussion is a meeting of 6-10 people to discuss issues around products and services. If you attendyou can be paid up to $100 depending on the time it takes. These events are a 'live' event and can take place at a function venue or in the offices of one of Market View's clients. Also sometimes they will hold these group discussions in an online chat room environment!

Telephone Surveys

You can opt in to a telephone style paid survey - You supplu Market view with your phone number and the times which are most convenient for you- They will call you and a survey taker will take your answers over the phone. These paid telephone surveys take up to 30 minutes.

Face to Face Surveys

Much the same as the telephone surveys above. If you accept to take a face to face paid survey they will contact you with a time and place and you will be paid for the time it takes you to take the survey.

Points earned by taking Market View surveys can be converted into money to use in their online store! Click here for Market View


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