Simple Surveys - What are paid surveys?

In this page we will give you the lowdown on Paid Surveys. Many people have not heard of paid online market research surveys and can get a little confused when researching paid survey options for the first time.


Q: Why would someone pay me to take a survey?

Companies that sell products or product movies and music, need to know the opinion of the general public. Whether it's how much people liked a movie or what kind of products you like to buy during your weekly shopping - the information that you give when you take a paid survey, is valuable to the company who needs it. This is why companies can pay top dollar for your opinions on their product, or the products of their competitors.

With the boom of the internet, it is much easier for companies to offer online paid surveys and gain a wealth of information about their customers quickly and efficiently, than for example to do face to face surveys on the street. For this reason paid online surveys are booming worldwide and you can capitalise on this by joining one of the many paid survey providers that are online these days.



Q: How much money can I make taking paid online surveys?

It depends on the company that offers the paid survey, how much they will pay. There are surveys that can pay upwards of $75 for something that may take an hour or two to complete - There are also paid survey companies that offer rewards points, which can build up and be used to purchase great rewards! Cash is not the only way you can be paid for taking online surveys!

We recommend checking out a few different options before signing up to a paid online survey provider.


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